This triptych, “Possession,“ explores the infiltrating, encroaching, and concretizing negative, demonizing representations of certain individuals, or collectives such as ethnic or racial groups, through mass obsession which targets the most easily influenced people within a community.There are those who benefit from stoking the belief that there are that individuals, groups, or entire nations who are bad, savage, evil, or uncivilized, and therefore threatening. They point a finger, accusing, and scapegoating others through propaganda.

They do so to gain allies, or at least passive observers, first to their views, and secondly to concrete actions against the Other. So often this is done in such a way that creates images of good and evil in our minds. We look through the theatrical triangle in which the oppressor, the victim, and the saviour all play roles. We expect the saviour to chase the so-called oppressor.The point is that a certain person, group, or nation be proclaimed guilty and dehumanized. Such dehumanization was present before the beginning of war in Bosnia, and it continues even today.